Certificate Overview

What is the Online Retail Management Program all about?

This industry-endorsed credential is designed to give an in-depth look at store operations to retail associates, supervisors, and sales representatives, allowing them to take their careers to the next level.

 What are the benefits of taking the classes Online?

  1. Learn from Anywhere -One of the best things about online learning is that you can learn anywhere that you can access the internet.
  2. Avoid Schedule Conflicts -Online learning is extremely flexible, allowing students to learn when they want. This is great for students who have a full-time job or children and can’t attend classes any other way. -Online learning provides 24/7 accessibility to all course materials.
  3. Learn at Your Own Pace -This means that you can work much faster than in a typical classroom environment, or you can spend additional time on content you would like to understand at a deeper level. – You can skim material that you already know and focus on topics that you need more time to complete.
  4. An Economical Choice -If you search the internet you will find that Clover Park Technical College offers a much less expensive alternative to other colleges and universities with similar programs and credentials.

What are the benefits to taking these courses at Clover Park Technical College?

TIME and MONEY! This program can be completed in as little as 2-3 quarters, if you can make the time.

Approved Certificate Courses

Section & Course Title

Course Number


Human Relations in Business
Please complete the following course:
Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior RBM 1325
Business Technology
Please complete the following course:
Business TechnologyRBM 1514
Business Communication
Please complete the following courses:
Essentials of Business CommunicationsRBM 1285
Principles of Management
Please complete the following course:
Principles of ManagementRBM 1474
Principles of Marketing
Please complete the following course:
MarketingRBM 1464
Human Resource Management
Please complete the following course:
Human Resource ManagementRBM 1605
Financial Management/Budgeting
Please complete the following course:
Financial ManagementRBM 1655
Retail Management
Please complete the following course:
Principles of RetailingRBM 1435
A total of 37 credits is required for this certificate.
Updated May 2015