Certificate Overview

The Modesto Junior College Retail Management Certificate is designed to prepare students for career opportunities and upward mobility in the retail industry. It is endorsed by the Western Association of Food Chains and Food Marketing Institute, and is relevant in any retail sector as its course content and learning outcomes mirror those advocated by the National Retail Federation.

Modesto Junior College offers an eight-course Retail Management Certificate that can be completed within two years while working full or part-time. All courses are college-level and apply to more advanced educational programs such as an associate degree in Business Administration, Business Operations Management, International Business, Marketing, Supervisory Management or a Certificate in Professional Selling. Most courses are transfer level and will apply toward a bachelor degree at a 4-year college.

Approved Certificate Courses

Section & Course Title

Course Number


Human Relations in Business
Please complete the following course:
Human Relations in BusinessBUSAD 3773
Business Technology
Please complete the following course:
General Computer LiteracyCSCI 2013
Business Communications
Please complete BUSAD210 to fulfill this requirement. Alternately, this requirement may be fulfilled by combining ENG101 with either COMM100 or COMM102.
Business CommunicationsBUSAD 2103
Composition and ReadingENG 1013
Fundamentals of Public SpeakingCOMM 1003
Intro to Human CommunicationCOMM 1023
Principles of Management
Please complete the following course:
Principles of ManagementBUSAD 2403
Principles of Marketing
Please complete the following course:
Principles of MarketingBUSAD 2453
Human Resource Management
Please complete the following course:
Human Resource ManagementBUSAD 2743
Financial Management/Budgeting
Please complete one of the following courses:
Financial AccountingBUSAD 2014
Business ComputationsBUSAD 503
Retail Management
Please complete the following course:
Retail ManagementBUSAD 2463
A total of 25-28 credits is required for this certificate.
Updated November 2016