To ensure that the Retail Management Certificate program continues to be relevant for our workforce, a panel of “Industry Experts” met in February 2013 from 11 different grocery retailers to reassess and revalidate the Retail Management Certificate’s list of competencies.

Revalidation Process & Outcomes

Guided by a 4-year University Provost, and working with our community college faculty on linking competencies to student learning outcomes, the panel developed a series of recommended curriculum updates. These updates are focused primarily on incorporating technology, and enhancements to accelerate students’ learning and increase certificate completion rates.

You may read the executive summary of the panel outcomes online or read the full revalidation summary for more information.

Revalidation Next Steps

With the goal of providing our workforce with the most relevant and comprehensive education experience, the WAFC is requesting all participating colleges reduce their certificate program to the recommended 8-course model, and to complete a curriculum crosswalk form to ensure their Retail Management Certificate program aligns with the recommended competencies and student learning outcomes.

Beginning in July of 2016, Community Colleges seeking endorsement from WAFC must demonstrate that their selected courses include at least 75% of the updated required competencies/outcomes listed.  If your College already demonstrates 75% of required outcomes you are invited to submit your crosswalk now for approval by our academic panel and begin offering the updated curriculum as soon as approved by your college.

Complete your Crosswalk

  1. View a  complete list of competencies.
  2. Review and complete the curriculum crosswalk form to assess where your college is in relation to meeting the curriculum requirements.
  3. Complete to the crosswalk form, download and save to your desktop as a PDF, enter your information in the downloaded form and select “Save As” to save your completed PDF form. You may also download and fill out by hand and then scan as a PDF.
  4. Return via email to wafc.consortium@gmail.com and include college name and curriculum crosswalk in the title. (e.g. American College: Curriculum Crosswalk)

Revalidation Webinars

For colleges that have been unable to attend Fall and Spring Advisory meetings or colleges with questions, we conducted state-by-state webinars highlighting the changes to the curriculum and the ongoing endorsement process. Click the following link to download Blackboard plug-in and access the webinar archive.


January 29, 2015
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January 30, 2015
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January 30, 2015
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February 20, 2015
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January 23, 2015
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January 23, 2015
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Revalidation Support & Questions

We understand the curriculum re-submittal and update can be a long process, therefore colleges will have until July 2016 to complete this process. If you need additional time please email wafc.consortium@gmail.com to request an extension.

Additional questions, please email wafc.consortium@gmail.com.