Hear what participating employers have to say about the Retail Management Certificate.


“As we look to develop the next generation of leaders within the industry, it is so important to understand that our future success is married to the education of our employees. At Gelson’s Markets we appreciate the WAFC for helping to further the cause of education within the grocery industry. To obtain the Retail Management Certificate is an important and valuable achievement, which demonstrates both the commitment of a student to their career, and to their self-improvement for our mutual benefit.”

Rob McDougall
President / CEO, Gelson’s Markets

“The WAFC Retail Management Certificate Program is one of the best resources I know for building educated and motivated retail teams that have the confidence and skills to consistently perform beyond our customers’ high expectations.”

Oscar Gonzalez, Co-Owner
Northgate Gonzalez Markets, Inc.

“Eighteen people in my facility are enrolled in WAFC Management Certificate Program. Everything being taught relates to our positions. The benefits from this 10-course program are immeasurable.”

Angie Meck, Distribution Center Depot Manager

“The Kroger Co. is proud to support the WAFC-endorsed Retail Management Certificate Program.  It continues to make strong investments to the future of our industry and our employees.”

Mike Donnelly, Senior V.P. Merchandising