Once you have completed the coursework required for the Retail Management Certificate from a WAFC-approved Community College, you are eligible to receive two certificates. One is a college certificate awarded by the Community College where you completed the Retail Management Certificate coursework, and the second is an Industry certificate awarded by the WAFC.

Am I eligible?

Everyone who has successfully completed all courses required in the WAFC Retail Management Certificate program at one of the approved Community Colleges is eligible for the two certificates.

Note: Before applying for the Retail Management Certificate, it is advisable to contact the Retail Management Certificate representative from your Community College to ensure you are taking the approved coursework. Search for College Contact.

How to Apply for the Industry Certificate:

  1. Complete the Graduate Survey
  2. Determine if you are applying for:
    • The Standard Retail Management Certificate
    • The WAFC Partner Retail Management Certificate – Only students employed by a WAFC Partner Company may use this application.
  3. Click on the appropriate application link below. Print and follow directions for submitting the application for the Industry Certificate.