Approved Certificate Courses

The Retail Management Certificate is an accredited business program that will give you the skills you need to get started or advance your career in the retail industry.

Topics covered in the Retail Management Certificate include:

The following course list provides a general overview of the topics covered in the WAFC endorsed Retail Management Certificate.

  • Human Relations/Organizational Behavior
    Learn human relationship techniques and leadership skills for building strong employer-employee relations.
  • Computer Applications (Technology)
    Learn the latest software applications for business including word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation graphics.
  • Business Communication Skills for Managers
    Develop strategies for effective internal and external business communications, including verbal and nonverbal techniques, writing, and public speaking.
  • Principles of Management
    Learn key management concepts and principles to improve business efficiency and productivity.
  • Principles of Marketing
    Learn basic marketing strategies and techniques with regard to the product, pricing, distribution, and communication.
  • Human Resources Management
    Be prepared to handle real employee issues. Learn the skills for human resource planning, staffing, training, compensation, and managing labor relationships.
  • Financial Management & Budgeting
    Learn to use accounting, budgeting, and other financial management tools to create, interpret, and analyze financial information for successful operation of a business.
  • Retail Management
    Learn retail management and store operations including merchandising, operations, layout, store organization, site location, and customer service.

Course titles and official descriptions may vary. Colleges vary between 8 and 10 courses to cover the required material. Please check with any approved community college for specific details.