Hear what Graduates say about the Retail Management Certificate.


“After completing my Retail Management Certificate, I enrolled with Western Governor’s University in their Bachelor of Science Marketing Management program. This is my first semester and I have been able to move through more classes than I thought I would be able to do.Their online program works around my schedule as a full time working adult and cannot be beat. I take one class at a time and finish it in four weeks (or less) then move on to another. Being able to concentrate on one class at a time rather than divide my attention between classes is a definite plus. I feel I can give the current course my full attention and I walk away retaining more knowledge because of that.”

Chris Beserril
Bulk Foods Manager
WinCo Foods


“When I first learned about the Retail Management Certificate program, I was excited and nervous. I had not taken a structured college course in a very long time and was concerned about the amount of time it would require each week. I am so thankful I made the decision to pursue the program. The courses have been very impactful, providing a deep understanding of the “why” of what we do each day.

The Retail Management Certificate program is a wonderful opportunity that Fred Meyer provides for its associates. The classes have given me skills that I use every day, and knowledge that has made me a more confident leader. I have grown personally and professionally and recommend this program to anyone in retail.”

Lavinia Sellers
District Coordinator, Home Electronics and Entertainment
Fred Meyer, Alaska


“It’s fantastic that the courses are structured around the needs of our industry. Every day I am using something that I learned through WAFC.”

Wylie Mitchell
Senior Director of Operations
Save Mart


“I heard about the Retail Management Certificate Program at my District HR Meeting in early 2012. Ryan, the instructor from Clover Park Technical College, was there to explain this program and encourage us to participate and help other associates be aware of the opportunity.

I started the program in the Spring Quarter of 2012. I thought it was a great way to start expanding my education and help my career. I find the classes informative and challenging. Over the past five quarters I have learned lot in every aspect of the retail industry. In some subjects the light bulb comes on and I realize, “That’s why we do it that way!” I have finished the program in five quarters by taking two classes per quarter. The classes were all online which fit in with my 45-hours-per-week busy retail schedule. Being online I can go at my pace, taking a little time to understand a math concept or flying though a book because I do that work every day and have a clear understanding. I have encouraged many associates to start this program as way to continue their education. The Retail Management Certificate is just one step in my educational journey.”

Barbara Nelson
Human Resource Administrator
Puyallup Fred Meyer