Interested in Continuing Your Education?

Did you know that successful completion of the Retail Management Certificate means you are almost halfway towards earning an associate degree? Why not keep learning?

There are several potential pathways for receiving an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Community College

You already know that Community Colleges provide one of the most affordable education options. We encourage you to continue at the same college to earn your associate’s degree.

To learn more about receiving your associate’s degree, visit your college’s academic advising office or department head overseeing the Retail Management Certificate. Please note, processes and transfer requirements for each college may vary.

If you choose to pursue your associate degree at a different college, contact that college’s academic advising office directly. Be prepared to share your transcript from your previous college. If moving to a new college or new state, some classes may not transfer.

State College or University

Many of our participating colleges (possibly even your college) have created agreements with state universities willing to transfer most of your Retail Management Certificate college credits and apply them towards your bachelor’s degree. Contact your college’s academic advising office or department head overseeing the Retail Management Certificate for a list of participating 4-year colleges and universities.

Once you have selected a 4-year college or university, schedule a meeting with an academic advisor at that college or university to determine which classes will transfer. Some courses may only transfer as electives, ask the academic advisor.

WAFC Partner Universities

There are many options for pursuing an advanced degree, and the WAFC is committed to identifying universities that offer affordable, accredited programs of high quality.

The WAFC desires to partner with universities who are committed to accepting the Retail Management Certificate coursework, and committed to helping graduates afford the cost of earning an advanced degree.

Partners include:

Western Governors University

Western Governors University (WGU) is a non-profit university that offers accelerated “competency-based” business degrees. WGU is fully accredited, highly respected, and offers bachelor and masters degree programs nationwide, 100% online. WGU has been recognized by the White House as what works in post-secondary education.

WGU accepts all required Retail Management Certificate courses from WAFC approved colleges. Some community colleges require additional coursework outside of the WAFC required courses, which may or may not transfer.

To get started, schedule a meeting with an academic advisor at WGU to create your education plan and determine which, if not all of your academic courses will transfer.

WGU offers a 5% tuition discount to any student who has earned the Retail Management Certificate from an approved WAFC college.

Additionally, WGU recently announced a new scholarship opportunity for eligible Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC) employees. WGU will award five Western Association of Food Chains’ Scholarships to employees of WAFC companies for any of its College of Business or College of Information Technology bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. The scholarships, each valued at up to $2,500 ($625 per six-month term renewable for up to four terms), will be applied toward WGU’s already-low tuition of $3,000 per term for most business and IT programs. Applications are currently being accepted at

Check out the “Welcome page” on WGU’s website for Retail Management Graduates!
Download brochure for more details.


Stay Tuned for more college partners that offer affordable quality education options.