Congratulations on your decision to enroll in the Retail Management Certificate Program.

Getting started is easy. We have academic advisors or career coaches available to assist you at each of our participating colleges.

1. Find an Approved College »

Using the “Find a College” section of this website, locate an approved participating college that meets your needs.

If there isn’t a participating college in your state, the certificate is available through our approved 100% National Online Provider.


2. Apply to College »

Once you have selected your college you are ready to apply. Most colleges have an online application. Once you have applied, please allow 1-2 weeks for acceptance depending on state. Remember, there are often application deadlines based on your desired start date. Check with your selected college for deadlines and application processing time.


3. Complete All Application Requirements »

This will vary by college but this typically includes verification of age and verification of residency. Please check with your selected college for their requirements.


4. Tuition Support Options »

Contact your college Financial Aid office to learn about fees and if applicable apply for Federal Financial Aid. Many of our students qualify for federal assistance.


5. Notify Your Employer »

Many employers offer monetary support in the form of scholarships or tuition reimbursement to help pay for courses. Be sure to ask if your employer offers this type of support for continuing education.


6. Contact Your Program Advisor »

Talk to an advisor who can assist you in planning your course of study. Additionally, if you have taken colleges courses previously, be sure to share this along with any college transcripts with your advisor so they may evaluate which courses (if any) may count towards your Retail Management Certificate and/or Associate’s Degree.


7. Complete College Assessment »

Many colleges require new students to take an English and Math placement evaluation to assess your math, language and reading skills. This is usually required for students seeking an Associate’s Degree and may not be required for individuals seeking a certificate. Be sure to ask your program representative about this.


8. Participate in a New Student Orientation »

New student orientation is a great way to learn the ins and outs of your new college virtually or in person.


9. Register for Classes »

Most colleges offer online course registration. Check with your college representative to learn about deadlines and upcoming course offerings.


10. Pay Your Tuition »

Be sure to apply for financial aid and ask about tuition support options from your employer.


11. Buy or Rent Your Textbooks »

There are several online booksellers and book rental companies that may offer textbooks at a lower cost then the campus bookstore. These may include Valore Books, Amazon, or Chegg. Alternatively, you may also wish to ask your employers about textbook purchase support. For example, some of our employers have textbook lending libraries.


12. Begin Earning Your Retail Management Certificate »

Download this form to help track your course completion.