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Retail Management Certificate formally recognized at the White House

Last Friday, April 24th, 2015, our industry-driven Retail Management Certificate was formally recognized at the White House, during an important convening on Upskilling America.

The WAFC’s recognition was predicated on the 2015 commitment our partner companies made to support of the Retail Management Certificate with specific enrollment and completion goals.  The WAFC Board of Directors represent a significant “employer voice”, and our commitment is directly in line with the President’s call to action in January to equip front-line workers with the skills they need to advance in their careers.

The event was presided over by Vice President Joe Biden, with added remarks from the Secretaries of Commerce, Education, and Labor.

“It is quite an honor to have our Nation’s capital shine such a spotlight on the Retail Management Certificate that you all have worked so diligently to build. We are grateful for your tireless efforts to help build education depth throughout our Industry,” said Cherie Phipps, WAFC Director, Retail Management Certificate.

“Congratulations to all who have worked in elevating our efforts in “Advancing the Food Industry through Education and Leadership,” said Carole Christianson, WAFC Chief Operating Officer.

For more information, see the White House Fact Sheet.